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Works of literature published from the 17th to the 19th centuries. There is an interesting selection of editions of 'Don Quijote', including a Dutch translation of and some 19th century English translations by Jarvis with fine coloured illustrations.

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The collection is complemented by Spanish works in other sections of Special Collections: the Brotherton Collection Foreign section, 16thth centuries, includes some early editions of Spanish literary texts, and the literature section of the Brotherton Collection has a good number of early translations of well-known Spanish literary works a dozen 17th and 18th century translations of Quevedo, for example. Order this item. Search List collection List digital media. Catalogues of archives are usually arranged in hierarchies - one hierarchy for each collection in the archive.

Obras Reunidas Ii. Razones Y Pasiones. Ensayos Escogidos 2 (Spanish Edition)

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You can see the full hierarchy under 'In this collection'. If you wish to include a link to this record from your own website or from within some other type of document, please use this link. Skip to main content Library. Synopsis The smooth transition between fiction and essay marked Julieta Campo's relation with the art of writing, from the very beginning; relation characterized by a worryoing swing between reason and passion.

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Ensayos escogidos 1 Campos, Julieta. New Quantity Available: 1. Obras reunidas I: Razones y pasiones.